Taking part in a cultural tour anywhere in Papua New Guinea you immerse yourself in the local culture and get a true sense of their history and way of life. Outside the provincial shows and festivals, there is still so much to experience of the many different aspects of life in Papua New Guinea.

Every village visit is a cultural tour. Papua New Guinea as a country, does belong to the developing world and is full of ancient rituals. The rituals in each culture remain vibrant to this day and the traditions are evident whether celebrating the arrival of a new born, the transition to manhood, marriage, sickness or the departure of a loved one. A village “sing-sing” celebrates life on a much smaller scale than a provincial show but is still prepared for as if the entire country were coming along to watch!

There are many cultural tours that include other aspects of cultural life in Papua New Guinea.

Visit the Asaro Mudmen in the Eastern Highlands, the Trobriand Islands Yam festival which celebrates the harvest there, mask festivals which celebrate links to ancestral spirits and Canoe Festivals that demonstrate the sporting prowess and fitness of those whose lives depend on the seas to feed their families.

Whatever you want to do on your holiday, PNG Holidays in conjunction with our wide range of suppliers and operators can put together the ideal travel itinerary for your plans.

The festivals traditionally take place each year in the dry season, from May to November. Click on the tabs below to see what’s on in each month.

National Mask Festival and Warwagira Festival – Rabaul and Kokopo, East New Britain

Enga Show

Mt Hagen Show

Sepik Crocodile Festival, Ambunti

Morobe Show, Lae

Kenu and Kundu Festival, Alotau, Milne Bay Province. Now being held every two years – next one is in 2021

We can arrange cultural orientated tours at any time of the year, to suit the smaller groups and FIT travellers. These tours can be built into larger itineraries or as a short tour depending on time and budget.

The monsoonal wet season traditionally runs from November to April in the majority of the country, so keep in mind that if you want to travel duing this time, you may be wet more than dry, and some tours may be cancelled or rescheduled. Click here for more details

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